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September 2017 Archives

Becoming the guardian of an Ontario elder

Aging is a part of life, and consequently, many people need extra help when they get older, some more than others. This could lead to having a talk about care. Becoming the guardian of an aging loved one in Ontario requires careful thought, especially when a senior is beginning to show signs of dementia or confusion. Those caring for people who are finding it hard to make decisions regarding their own health or other things in their lives may want to discuss guardianship with the individual.

What older Canadians need to know about estate planning

The only constant in life is change, and as people continue to age, changes happen in life that should be reflected in different areas. Estate planning should evolve with those life changes. As finances and other things change as Ontario residents get older, their estate plans may need updating too.

Estate planning tricky when holding assets outside Canada

Working on an estate plan can get pretty complex depending upon the assets of an individual. Estate planning can get even more complicated when some of those assets are located outside Canada. More people are holding assets outside their home jurisdictions. 

When grandma and grandpa become guardian-parents of the grandkids

Some grandparents are finding themselves becoming surrogate parents to their grandchildren. When a grandparent becomes the guardian of grandchildren in Canada, the lives of all involved are forever changed. There a many reasons why some grandparents are known as "skip generation" grandparents, but the main reason is that their own kids aren't able or available to care for their own children.