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Month: June 2014

Reviewing and revising an estate plan

Ontario residents who have taken steps to plan the execution of their estates after they pass away may need to consider reviewing and revising the relevant documents occasionally. Estate plans may need revision every few years as circumstances change. For example,...

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Jim Flaherty’s will submitted for probate

Ontario residents may be interested to know that Jim Flaherty's wife, an Ontario MPP, submitted the will of the recently deceased former Minister of Finance for Canada's federal government to probate. The man, who died in April after suffering a heart attack at the...

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Court decision impacts beneficiaries

Some Ontario residents may think that they can draw up a will and bequeath their assets to anyone they choose. However, a recent court ruling in another province has some estate lawyers raising their eyebrows as people scramble to figure out the implications of the...

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Estate planning tips

Estate planning is not the most popular subject to consider, and people in Ontario sometimes might put it off as long as possible. However, timely estate planning offers several advantages, such as reducing overall taxes in addition to taxes upon the person's death....

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