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June 2015 Archives

Are you making one of these estate planning mistakes?

Most people would benefit from creating an estate plan and  yet there are many who still need to undertake this task. According to a CIBC survey, close to a third of all Baby Boomers in the country do not have a will. Overall, LAWPRO reports that more than half of those who live in Canada have not created one.

Tips for navigating the creation of a succession plan

Family is an important part of life for many people who live in Ontario. The nature of the relationship family members have with each other will vary from family to family based on a wide variety of circumstances including whether the members work together at a family business.

Breaking down estate planning process may make it easier

There is no question that estate planning can be overwhelming. Depending on one's assets as well as what they wish to do with them, the person seeking to create an estate plan may not know where to start. While there are many details that need to be addressed in the course of creating an estate plan the process can be broken in to two parts: defining and designing.

Things to keep in mind to prevent estate litigation

When a loved one is lost great sadness is a normal part of the mourning process for many. That sadness can become even more difficult to bear when a dispute regarding the deceased person’s estate arises. Disputes can take multiple forms including: trust administration, disinheritance, conflicts regarding personal items, estate administration and the validity of a will.