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August 2015 Archives

Guardianship may be your best option for protecting a vulnerable loved one

Many Canadians plan for the onset of mental incapacity by appointing an Attorney for Personal Care and an Attorney for Property. These powers of attorney allow someone other than the incapable individual to make decisions regarding his or her finances, health and living arrangements.

On what grounds can disinheritance be challenged in court?

The practice of estate litigation often involves handling disputes over the emotionally fraught matter of disinheritance. In some cases, disinheritance is unintentional -- the result of an oversight or poor planning. In other cases, family members find themselves explicitly disinherited in the deceased's will.

Planning your estate? Don't leave your heirs in the dark

You can try to ignore the topic, but doing so could lead to confusion and conflict among family members, as well as losses to your estate. According to a recent poll by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, more than 50 per cent of Canadians expect to leave behind assets upon death, but 47 per cent have never actually communicated their estate plans to their heirs.

Steps children can take to prepare to be benficiaries

In our last post we wrote about things that parents seeking to leave assets to their children can do to make the transfer easier. In this post we will look at steps children who are, or may be, slated to be beneficiaries of their parents estate, can take. Some of these tips should be considered while one's parents are still alive while the others apply following their deaths.