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January 2016 Archives

A widow's cautionary tale of digital property and estate planning

As our lives become ever more entwined with online and digital activities, the distribution of digital assets is an increasingly relevant aspect of estate planning. In fact, we discussed the issue in one of our recent posts, "Does your estate plan account for digital property?"

Number of Canadians living with dementia expected to double in 15 years

Anticipating the possibility of incapacity is an important part of any comprehensive estate plan. Unfortunately, though, instead of addressing issues of capacity and consent by assigning powers of attorney, many Canadians postpone this kind of planning until it's too late.

Here are some of the duties of estate trustees in Ontario

If you have been appointed as an estate trustee in Ontario but are unsure of how to manage all of your duties, then you are not alone. Many trustees and executors feel this way, especially after the death of a loved one.