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What happens when estate administration does not go as planned?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Estate Litigation

The harsh reality is that there is a lot of work to be done after the death of a loved one. Many Ontario residents find it challenging to manage their grief while working through routine estate administration tasks. Sadly, the process may turn out to be anything but routine, and the need for litigation may arise, which only further complicates things.

No one can truly predict how individuals will react when they lose a loved one. The person that was expected to cause problems could end up being the most reasonable of the bunch. On the other hand, a family member that no one expected to come forward to contest the will may do just that. In fact, any number of situations could arise that may lead to estate litigation.

In addition to will contests, family members may fight over personal items of the deceased. A heir who believes he or she was unintentionally disinherited may come forward demanding a share of the estate. These types of conflicts could ruin some relationships and cause a great deal of tension and stress for the family.

In addition, dealing with these issues could diminish the value of the estate, especially if matters end up in court. Instead, it may be worthwhile to explore other ways of resolving these issues without litigation. It may be possible for an Ontario lawyer to provide invaluable advice and assistance under these circumstances. Receiving a thorough evaluation of the situation and recommendations to its resolution could help put everyone’s minds at ease and help move the process along without jeopardizing the ultimate value of the estate.


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