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Avoiding estate litigation after a second marriage

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Estate Litigation

Blended families are fairly commonplace these days. Ontario residents who find love and marry for the second time often come into the relationship with their own assets and their own children. This makes planning vital in order to avoid estate litigation upon death.

Most Ontario residents want to provide for the children from their first marriage while also taking care of a new spouse and perhaps even stepchildren. Doing so could cause some tension among surviving family members unless the estate-planning process is handled appropriately. Before proceeding, it would help to review any existing documents to determine what will remain and what will change.

Thereafter, the next step is often discussing the situation with everyone involved, if possible. The more everyone understands the estate planner’s intentions, the less likely it is that conflicts will erupt after during the estate administration process. This also provides those involved with the opportunity to speak up regarding any particular items they may each want. Of course, the final decision remains with the person making the plan, but it may help keep everyone happy to know that each of them have a say, which could go a long way later.

Other considerations need addressing during this process as well. Understanding the steps to take after a second marriage in order to avoid estate litigation could take some research. Under these circumstances, involving a lawyer in the process could prove invaluable since there are numerous options depending on the situation and even on the person receiving a portion of the estate.


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