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February 2020 Archives

Qualities to look for when hiring an estate administration lawyer

Choosing representation is a challenge in any legal situation. When hiring someone to support estate administration and probate in Ontario, one has to be careful to select someone with the knowledge, temperament and integrity to do a good job. Here are some things to look out for when deciding whether a lawyer is a good fit for the sensitive work of helping to execute and probate a will.

Even at a young age, certain plans can help estate administration

There are many misconceptions about estate planning, especially amongst younger people or those with less assets. One such misconception is that a will is the only document needed to complete a plan for what happens after one passes. Another is that estate planning is an activity for older adults. In fact, there are multiple documents involved in an Ontario estate plan, and considering certain decisions even at a young age can help ease estate administration should someone pass away suddenly.

Complications from gray divorce could fuel estate litigation

Planning the future of one's wealth can become complicated when former spouses, remarriages and blended families are in the mix. When a long marriage ends, estate planning might be one of the last things on the minds of those involved. However, if these issues are not addressed head-on, older divorcees in Ontario could be putting themselves at risk for estate litigation.

Staying organized and professional can ease estate administration

Those who are named as executors can find themselves swimming in fairly complicated waters. Some people taking on the challenge of estate administration are in the enviable position of being the sole beneficiary and having no family conflicts. However, for the majority of Ontario executors, maintaining professionalism and doing everything by the book is important in order to avoid legal challenges from other beneficiaries.

Experts more trusted for estate administration, poll shows

Online tools are increasingly popular for those looking to tackle some of life's most tedious or even complicated tasks. But are people in Ontario and throughout Canada ready to hand over their important financial and legal matters, such as major investments and estate administration, to online services? According to a recent poll, trusted experts are still preferred when it comes to important decisions.