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Qualities to look for when hiring an estate administration lawyer

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Estate Administration

Choosing representation is a challenge in any legal situation. When hiring someone to support estate administration and probate in Ontario, one has to be careful to select someone with the knowledge, temperament and integrity to do a good job. Here are some things to look out for when deciding whether a lawyer is a good fit for the sensitive work of helping to execute and probate a will.

Knowledge and expertise is the first thing to look out for. Selecting a lawyer who specializes in estate planning and administration issues is a wise decision, especially in cases where some legal complexity may be in play. Even in seemingly straightforward situations, a lawyer’s knowledge and experience can make a big difference in the stress level and outcome.

When speaking with a prospective lawyer, ensure he or she is able to explain things in a way everyone involved can understand. Even though the job involves many legal terms and long paperwork, it is important the attorney be able to clarify exactly what is going on to avoid any confusion. Trustworthiness and integrity are also critical here, as it is important not only to understand what a lawyer says but to be able to trust the words.

Should there be conflict involved in the estate administration, perseverance and empathy are two traits that the ideal lawyer will have. The attorney should be able to understand the different perspectives in play as well as the legal standards, and be able to offer legally sound options and solutions regardless of how stressful the process may get. In any case, ensuring one hires the right Ontario lawyer is a key first step to reducing the stress of estate administration and probate.


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