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March 2020 Archives

How to manage an unwanted timeshare in estate administration

We often hear family members arguing over who inherits certain property after someone passes away. But what about disputes regarding unwanted property? For timeshare owners in Ontario and their families, this can be a real point of contention. Here are some things worth knowing when going through estate administration with a timeshare in the mix.

How even careful planners can leave families in estate litigation

Many think that conflict over an individual's estate primarily occurs if someone does not leave a plan behind. But, the truth is, even those who feel they have a fairly solid estate plan in place can lead their families down a road to litigation by missing some important points. To avoid such issues, Ontario estate planners should ensure their will not only exists, but that it is up-to-date, detailed, and legally sound.

Considerations for Canadians picking will executors

Many decisions in estate planning can be difficult and consequential. One of the many challenging choices Ontario adults will inevitably face during this process is selecting someone to execute their will. While there is a clear candidate in some families, others have to weigh many issues when choosing the best option from a number of potential executors.