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April 2020 Archives

Is gifting your house a good way to avoid probate?

Parents who intend for a child to take over the family home when they pass away are often concerned about the probate costs of such a transition. Some Ontario families consider cutting estate administration and probate costs out of the equation by gifting the home to adult children or adding them to the house deed.

Is it a good idea to name your sole beneficiary as your executor?

Settling on who will be responsible for executing your estate should not be taken lightly. While you may consider it a straightforward decision to name your primary beneficiary as your executor, there are some things worth considering first. This is especially true if you only have one beneficiary named to your estate.

It's wise for young people to create an estate plan too

Writing a will is something often attributed to aging individuals who have accumulated a wide range of assets. However, younger individuals in Ontario should not overlook the value estate planning might have in their lives. Young adults may find that planning opens up important conversations, secures the future of loved ones and prevents litigation if they do happen to pass away unexpectedly.

Xmas Cat

Some of you might have noticed that our websit has been hunted by a Xmas cat, notwithstanding that Easter is quickly approaching. Somehow our website provider has been having difficulties with removing the pickture, not to mention helping us with changing the website to provide new information for our clients and community in response to the issues created by the outbreak.