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Finding the right lawyer is key in estate administration

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Estate Administration

When dealing with an estate, be it as a planner, executor or beneficiary, legal advice is paramount. One of the challenges, however, is finding the right legal representative to help in these often complicated processes. When managing estate administration or any other related issue, there are some things to consider when picking the right Ontario lawyer.

Asking a lawyer about his or her accolades and experience may be an obvious first question. While this is good background information, much of the lawyer’s insight will be evident early on in a conversation as well. Potential clients should listen carefully to what a lawyer says in the initial meeting or consultation. In addition, they should check that estate planning, administration and litigation are the lawyer’s primary area of focus.

Another thing to look out for is empathy and listening. In estate planning and administration, every family and situation is unique. While lawyers can provide advice, it is ultimately their job to support the legal process as well as providing insight into the last wishes of the deceased, according to documentation. A lawyer who tries to force his or her own opinion on a planner or a client’s family members is not ideal for this type of sensitive matter.

Ideally, a person should find an estate planning or estate administration lawyer who is not only skilled in his or her field but also listens carefully and respects the decisions the client makes. The lawyer should also have the resources, such as support staff, to be available if needed for their clients. Ultimately, those overseeing Ontario estate administration should prioritize having the proper legal counsel as they work through these critical issues.


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