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The importance of pre-planning a funeral

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2021 | Estate Administration

Discussing death with loved ones is never easy and typically not pleasant, but it is a necessary conversation. An executor appointed for the estate administration task in Ontario is responsible for making funeral arrangements. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important testators pre-plan their funerals so they can rest easy knowing their wishes will be respected and carried out.

Less stress for loved ones

Professionals in the funeral industry say funeral pre-planning is an act of love. Usually the family, along with the executor (who very well may be a family member) make the decisions regarding a deceased loved one’s funeral. At a time when people are experiencing grief, taking this one monumental task off the list of things to do, provides great relief.

Giving direction

Funeral pre-planning gives clear directions to an estate administrator regarding funeral arrangements. The arrangements have been pre-paid by the deceased, so the family isn’t responsible for any additional payments. Individuals who have pre-arranged their funerals should inform loved ones and provide them with all the details, and they should provide the executor with copies of all pertinent documents.

Estate administration can be an arduous task, and anything a testator can do to ease the responsibility shows a great deal of caring. Getting family members together to talk about last wishes might be difficult, but it also allows loved ones to offer their suggestions and to listen to what the testator has to say. Not having to worry about planning and expenses during the grieving process is one last gift a person can give to his or her loved ones.


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