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Now is the time to think about your will

There are many reasons people procrastinate creating a will. Some believe their estates are too simple to require an estate plan, and others may think they are too young to think about such things. However, one of the most frequent excuses for failing to write a will...

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Wills in Canada: What’s important to know

No one likes to think about their own mortality.About one half of adult population in Canada dies without a will.However, some consideration should be given to what happens to assets upon an individual's death. If there is not a valid will, family members would have...

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Wills in Ontario and the conditions in them

Writing a will is not as easy as scribbling down a few words and paper and rifling it into a drawer somewhere. Wills and estates law is complex and Ontario residents writing a will cannot just insert conditions on a whim and expect them to be legally binding. A...

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Minimizing probate fees for Ontario wills

Most estates end up going through the probate process. Ontario residents' wills need to have a legal stamp of approval in the courts. This probate process also formally appoints the estate's executor.Most provinces, including Ontario, charge a fee to...

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Keep wills up to date to reflect family changes

Any man or woman who plans for the future of his or her family after they are gone clearly cares about the people in their life. Wills, in particular, are a great way to ensure the distribution of estates and the enrichment of descendants. However, failing to keep...

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Family shut out of wills may seek variances

It takes a lot of careful planning to see to the allocation of even a modest estate in Ontario. Wills are the primary tools of estate planning, and they make plain the testators final wishes. However, should the family of the deceased find they were left out of the...

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