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What happens when someone dies without a will?

When someone dies without having left any written instructions regarding what to do about their assets and debts, it’s known as dying intestate. Ontario residents who die without wills often leave their loved ones in an unenviable position. How will the person’s...

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Should Ontario residents write their own wills?

No one relishes discussing dying. It’s a subject most Ontario residents would rather not broach, but it is important to do so even if it might be uncomfortable at first. There are many things people need to know about when it comes to estate planning, and wills are...

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Why do so many people put off writing a will?

One day, we will all pass away. That is a fact of life, yet so many Ontario residents put off any kind of estate planning, including writing their wills. Why are so many people resistant to making an exit plan? It can’t only be an unwillingness to face death. What are...

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Ontario residents left out of wills have options

Creating an estate plan isn't something that many people look forward to. It’s something most people put off, because after all, who really wants to think about dying? But some estate plans -- which include wills -- may run into issues when they’re about to be...

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Now is the time to think about your will

There are many reasons people procrastinate creating a will. Some believe their estates are too simple to require an estate plan, and others may think they are too young to think about such things. However, one of the most frequent excuses for failing to write a will...

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