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Posts tagged "Estate Administration"

Is estate administration tax due on every Ontario estate?

It often feels as though there are several loose ends to tend to when an Ontario resident dies. If an individual left an estate plan, that should make the process go more smoothly. Those documents can also help determine whether and how much estate administration tax is due.

Blended families can encounter challenging estate administration

The definition of family has changed dramatically in recent decades. Many Ontario families have stepparents, stepchildren and half-siblings. When it comes to providing for them after death, residents often want to make sure that everyone receives their fair share. Without careful planning, blended families can easily encounter challenges when it comes to estate administration.

Helping the family find all assets during estate administration

When someone dies here in Ontario or elsewhere, surviving family members must gather all of the assets accumulated by the decedent that he or she owned at death. This includes large items such as a home down to small items such as jewelry, and everything in between that requires some attention during estate administration. What some people seem to miss is those assets that exist only online or on a computer.

Leaving the most assets available during estate administration

After spending your career building wealth, you may want to make sure that you can leave a legacy for your family members after you pass away. You can continue to build your financial portfolio with the help of an Ontario financial advisor. You may also want to make sure that most of the assets you own at your death go to your loved ones during the estate administration process.

Make estate administration easier by avoiding probate

Even if an Ontario resident's probate is not the longest one, it could take longer than surviving family members can afford or handle. To avoid this scenario, others may find it useful to structure their estate plans in such a way that estate administration is easier and takes less time. Taking steps to avoid probate can take the process in a direction that allows family members to access assets right away.

What to look for when starting estate administration

After the death of a loved one, certain matters will require settlement. Before any other steps in the estate administration process can be taken, all of the deceased individual's assets need to be located and protected. It is important to be as thorough as possible in this process in order to ensure that all matters are resolved at the same time in order to avoid any complications in the future.

Serving as a trustee may be another part of estate administration

When an Ontario resident dies, it is up to the people he or she designated to take care of all outstanding matters and property distribution. This often means probate, but that may not be the only aspect of estate administration of the decedent's affairs that someone to handle. If a trust was set up prior to death, taking over the duties associated with it is crucial.

Dealing with the house in estate administration

After the loss of a loved one, numerous tasks need attention before surviving family members may move forward with their lives. During the estate administration process, it may be necessary to handle the disposition of the decedent's primary residence. What most people may not understand is that any increase in the value of a home here in Canada from the date of death could end up being taxable.

Estate administration and planning with charitable giving

One of the decisions some people make when planning the distribution of their assets is to include a sizable charitable donation. Including charitable giving in an estate plan can be a great way to give back, though it can raise some estate administration considerations. For example, Ontario tax codes and legal steps should be taken into account when preparing for such a gift.