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Any loss of a loved one can fill a family with grief and uncertainty. If there are any problems with the will, those emotions can turn into a disagreement and then into a complicated and destructive estate dispute.

At Hagel Lawfirm, we spend a great deal of time in Court. We know what happens there, and we do our best to keep our clients out of it.

When you go to Court to fight over an estate, nobody really wins. There is only a limited amount of property available, and the longer the litigation goes on, the less of the estate will remain.

Whether we are attending at Court to contest a will or defend it, or settle the trust-related issues, our estate litigation lawyer for Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville and surrounding areas of the GTA will first try to resolve matters for you in a way that is cost-effective and proportional to the size of the estate at stake.

Don’t Litigate Away Your Estate

We will explore the details of your situation and advise you whether it is worth a fight. We will explain your rights and options under Ontario estate law, and help you work with the other side to come to a resolution if possible. We will use negotiation, mediation and any other means available to keep the conflict from draining the estate, while protecting your interests.

Our cases deal with many issues such as:

Much of our work involves people dealing with grief, long-term family disagreements, lack of mental capacity and mental health issues. Navigating through these issues, while protecting our clients’ rights and interests, takes skill and compassion.

At Hagel Lawfirm, we are up to the challenge. Let us help you resolve this matter as fairly and efficiently as possible.

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