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Your will might be the last message your family ever gets from you. It is of vital importance that it is the right message, and that it protects your legacy and your family’s financial and emotional well-being.

This is not something that should be left to chance or to a “do-it-yourself” will from the Internet. Those options may look inexpensive, but can be immeasurably costly to your family in the end.

Making Your Message Heard

At Hagel Lawfirm, we can help ensure that your final message will not leave broken feelings or a broken family behind. Having seen what can go wrong through our estate litigation practice, we know the importance of having qualified and experienced guidance when preparing your will and working on planning your estate.

Our services include:

  • A detailed estate questionnaire
  • Drafting your will to make sure it expresses your wishes clearly and is as simple as possible to administer
  • Consideration of family dynamics to minimize the chances of resentment, or inadvertently forgetting anyone
  • Consideration for the needs of your family, including any disabled beneficiaries
  • Discussion of different types of trusts
  • Various estate planning techniques to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes
  • Guidance and advice in communicating with your family on the estate matters so that there are no unpleasant surprises
  • Discussion of topics that may be of special interest to you, such as second marriages and their effects on your estate plan
  • Assistance with setting up powers of attorney for property or personal care

Our estate planning lawyer has the experience and qualifications to help you that includes a Certified Financial Planner designation. Challenging, complex situations such as those involving multiple beneficiaries, business succession, financially complicated estates, difficult family dynamics and mental health issues are of particular interest to us.

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