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Probate And Estate Administration Lawyer

Trustees and Executors are often overwhelmed by their duties. Many people appointed as estate trustees are unfamiliar with the requirements of their role and have never carried out any of the duties required of them before. Some are unfamiliar with the intricate financial and administrative details of different kinds of property and assets. In addition, many are also dealing with grief and uncertainty over the loss of a loved one or close family friend.

We can help.

With a background in estate planning and extensive experience in estate litigation, we are familiar with all the duties you have to carry out in estate administration. We also know the kinds of mistakes that can lead to family disputes and can help you avoid them.

Our Commitment To Estate Trustees

Our probate lawyer for Mississauga and surrounding areas can help Ontario estate trustees to:

  • File for application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With a Will (i.e., probating the will) to show the will is valid
  • File for application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Without a Will, if there is no will
  • Deal with a situation when the appointed trustee resides outside Ontario
  • Locate the estate assets, including bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate, investments, pensions and personal property
  • Evaluate valuable property
  • Notify life insurance companies and fill out claims
  • Notify credit card companies, utility companies, etc. of discontinued service
  • Arrange for sale of real estate or auction personal property
  • Find beneficiaries
  • Advertise for creditors if necessary
  • File income tax returns and pay all taxes
  • Obtain Clearance Certificate from Canada Revenue Agency, confirming all taxes have been paid
  • Keep accurate records in order to be able to give a statement of accounts to all beneficiaries
  • Pass accounts

Let us help you carry out your duties in a way that minimizes the chances of any confusion, hurt feelings, delays or disputes. We will help you obtain certificates quickly, make sure all the property is distributed properly, and avoid litigation.

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