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Small Claims

Our firm’s practice area includes Small Claims Court cases for which we take on a contingency fee basis. The costs awards for the successful litigants in Small Claims Court are limited to 15%-30% of the value of the claim. Our firms fee arrangement is specifically designed to keep your legal costs within the costs limits applicable to matters heard by Small Claims Court.

(1) You will be responsible to pay all the disbursements incurred by Hagel Lawfirm on your behalf. The disbursements include court filing fees, servers’ fees, copies, mail or courier costs.

(2) If the matter settles without a trial (on the settlement conference or otherwise), Hagel Lawfirm will be entitled to receive a fee in the amount of 15% of the settlement amount, or the amount of costs awarded to you in the settlement agreement, whatever is higher. You agree that Hagel Lawfirm is entitled to collect this fee, regardless whether the firm is acting as our lawyers of record as of the date of the settlement agreement.

(3) If the matter proceeds to the trial and is successful, our firm will receive a fee in the amount of 15% of the value of the amount ordered by the Court to be paid to you or the amount of costs awarded to you by the Court, whatever is higher.

(4) If, as a result of the trial, the Court awards you a payment of special damages, such as aggravated damages or punitive damages, our firm shall receive 50% of these amounts, in addition to our fee.

(5) If your matter is unsuccessful, you will pay no fees to our firm. You will still be responsible for all the disbursements.

Disclaimer – A person is not our client unless they signed the engagement letter and deposited the retainer amount as stated in the engagement letter.